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4 Ways to Engage Your Hotel Guests with Digital Signage

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In today’s integrated world, guests crave immersive, cutting-edge experiences in their hotels. Enter hotel digital signage, one of the latest advancements in hotel technology.

The benefits of digital signage in hotels are immense, spanning varied uses to enhance guest experiences in diverse ways. We’ve compiled just a few of the most prevalent, efficient ways to engage your hotel guests with digital signage. Implementing even one of these solutions can greatly enhance the experience of your guests.

1. Real-Time Welcome Information

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From the moment they arrive, visitors long to feel welcomed and at ease when they visit your hotel. Even on business trips, hotel guests want to kick back, relax, and feel like the hotel is prepared to cater to their personal needs.

Real-time welcomes displayed via digital signage do just that. Displaying personalized messages based on a guest’s organization, convention, or even a holiday gives guests a personal embrace into your business. Because updates to messaging can occur in real-time, you’re able to keep your guests in the loop with the very latest on-site information.

Once they enter their rooms, you can greet your guests with even more personalized digital signage. Greetings can range from a standard hello by name, to more specific congratulations and even birthday messages.

Whatever or wherever the messaging, welcome information requires a capable internet connection. As prior guests leave and new guests enter a room, reliable WiFi ensures visitors are greeted with the appropriate, relevant welcome information, preventing any holdover in messaging and ensuring that each guest feels comfortable and prioritized.

2. Automated Self Check-In Kiosks

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Whether for bustling conventions or jam-packed vacation seasons, it can be tough to accommodate check-ins for all guests during busy times in your hotel. Even if you stock your check-in with employees, your hotel or convention center loses valuable support in other essential areas.

Check-in through digital kiosks offers a streamlined, automated approach to hotel check-ins. Self check-in kiosks display intuitive, comprehensive directions that even less tech-savvy guests can easily follow. Most kiosks can also read debit/credit cards, print barcodes and event keys, and even accept physical payments.

Recent developments even allow for contactless self-service kiosks. These cutting-edge tools rely on a variety of technologies, from smartphone connections to biometric facial scanning.

Unlike in-person check-ins, most of these automated check-in kiosks are cloud-based. As such, venues need a powerful network from a proven partner to support these self check-in experiences.

3. Up-To-Date Travel Guides

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More often than not, hotel guests are unfamiliar with the location they’ve traveled to. Navigating a new city can confuse travelers, causing undue stress and rushed travel to events.

Using digital signage to display up-to-date travel guides and information solves this problem. Customizable per your hotel’s needs, your signage can share the hours for hotel amenities, advertise local attractions, and share whatever information is pertinent to your travelers.

If your hotel is near an airport or train station, these travel guides are essential. Busy guests struggle to check travel updates on their phones as they prepare to trek to and from your hotel. Providing guests with arrival and departure information as they enter and exit saves your guests a step in their travel process.

Again, a strong network is essential to ensure your travel guides remain accurate. Delayed updates can lead to catastrophic effects for travelers, missing crucial events and flights. If your hotel somehow contributes to a guest having to drastically change their travel plans, your reputation will plummet.

4. Expansive Arts and Entertainment

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While our previous examples of digital signage provide guests with information and convenience, digital signage can also be used as a boon for their hotel enjoyment. Displaying arts and entertainment on digital signage can entertain your guests, from the lobby and restaurants, all the way to their rooms.

What you show for arts and entertainment on your digital signage is largely up to the individual needs of your hotel. Luxury venues should consider classic movies or jazz performances, hotels near sports stadiums can showcase games for guests who didn’t grab tickets, and hotels frequented by professionals can play business news.

In guest rooms, hoteliers can also integrate digital signage with In-Room Entertainment. You can combine streaming options, video-on-demand, and advertisements for hotel amenities into one comprehensive, customizable IRE platform.

Regardless of your venue, using digital signage to entertain your guests offers incredible opportunities to enrich their experience. Just ensure your hotel has a strong enough network to support high-volume content streaming; laggy entertainment looks unprofessional to your guests.

Gain Internet Connectivity Designed for Hotel Digital Signage

From personalized welcomes to exciting content streaming, digital signage offers a plethora of ways to engage guests.

Each of these digital signage solutions for hotels have one thing in common: they require a capable network to keep them functional. While at its peak digital signage offers incredible benefits, in practice these benefits only translate when hotels have the internet in place that can support them.

Hospitality Network builds internet solutions for hotels that can sustain digital signage and far more. Our high-bandwidth solutions support incredible venues across the country, blowing away guest expectations. Request a free consultation to rebuild your network today!