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For over 40 years, Hospitality Network has been a leader in providing the latest technology solutions to some of the most iconic venues and brands in the hospitality industry. As an end-to-end provider and integrator of technologies, we help hotels and venues exceed today’s guest and visitor technology expectations.

Experience the HN difference

Fast, Reliable Wireless Connectivity That Enhances the Fan and Guest Experience

Fan and guest expectations have evolved. Providing free, high-speed WiFi access has gone from an added perk to an essential component of the guest experience.


More than just a TV system, HN IRE is a customizable marketing and engagement platform providing all of the convenience and content guests crave.

Guest-Focused hospitality solutions

Hospitality Guest In-Room Entertainment Technology

Guest In-Room Entertainment Hospitality Technology IN-ROOM

Delivering an unforgettable hospitality experience begins with making your guests feel at home. Showcase the best in hotel in-room entertainment with the latest in smart TV technology, interactive guest services, OTT content apps, video-on-demand, all digital compendium, all HD TV line up and more.

Hospitality Solutions Managed Wireless Services

Managed WiFi Solutions for Hospitality CompaniesMANAGED

Offering more than just a fast, secure, and reliable wireless connection, our managed WiFi provides a complete, end-to-end Internet solution that takes the weight off hospitality providers and gives them the freedom to focus on their core business operations. The quality, speed and guest experience of WiFi are directly correlated to hotel guest satisfaction scores.

Hospitality Technology HSIA Internet Connectivity

HSIA Hospitality Internet Connectivity SolutionsINTERNET

Whether it’s to provide free-to-guest WiFi, live stream concerts in real-time, or power IoT-enabled smart hotel technology, today’s hospitality businesses and event venues rely on high-performing, reliable Intenet connectivity to deliver world class experiences to guests, stakeholders, and employees.

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In-Room Entertainment (IRE)

Digitize, Personalize, and Monetize the Hotel Guest Journey with HN’s In-Room Entertainment (IRE) Systems

Personalized Content Delivery

Today’s travelers expect their hotel entertainment options to surpass their home experience. Deliver the content guests crave, from Hollywood movies, free-to-guest TV, and OTT streaming options like Netflix and Youtube.

Integrated Smart Room Technology

Smart hotels deliver next-level in-room experiences that offer desirable features and streamlined entertainment options. Create an inviting room ambiance and a superior viewing experience that’s scalable across a range of property sizes and room designs.

Customizable Marketing Platform

Strengthen your hotel brand and elevate the guest experience. Hospitality Network’s in-room entertainment system is a customizable marketing platform designed for hoteliers, allowing them to inform, engage, and entertain their hotel guests.

HN IRE: Guest In-Room Entertainment Platform

Services Available Nationwide

Hospitality Network is the premier integrator of entertainment, WiFi and connectivity solutions for hospitality and large venues. Our technology solutions are installed in properties across the country, including state-of-the-art stadiums, convention centers and many of the world’s largest hotels. We can provide services to any location nationwide.