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Managed WiFi Services

Delivering customized planning and design as well as installation and management

Boost Guest Satisfaction

Increase guest satisfaction scores with easy-to-access, high-speed WiFi connectivity

Monetization Options

Drive revenue by offering a variety of WiFi speed tiers and options to guests and attendees

Custom Splash Pages

Strengthen your brand and convey your message with a custom splash page design

Deliver premier wireless experiences to guests, visitors and fans with managed Hospitality WiFi solutions

Make a Memorable Impression by Offering the Best Internet Experience

In the hospitality industry, meetings and entertainment industries, fast and secure guest or visitor WiFi is a must-have. The initial moments of a hospitality guest’s visit often involve connecting one or more devices to the internet. Expectations for flawless connectivity are high and providing a quality internet experience can either be a boon to satisfied guests or the path to scathing reviews, lost bookings or disappointed fans.

With managed WiFi from Hospitality Network, users can choose from a variety of speed tiers and access high-speed Internet service from their devices anywhere in the hotel property, at a sports venue or convention center. We deliver customized solutions that provide WiFi access throughout a property venue to drive unmatched guest satisfaction scores.

Hotel WiFi Provider of HSIA for Hospitality Businesses

Wireless Connectivity to Engage Your Guests

Hospitality Technology Solutions to Improve Guest Experience
Smart Stadium Technology Solutions
Convention Center Technology Solutions
Special Events WiFi & Internet Connectivity Solutions

HN Specializes in Guest and Visitor WiFi Services

Leverage The Best in Hospitality WiFi & Managed Network Solutions

At Hospitality Network, we specialize in providing managed WiFi and
network design solutions for hospitality businesses. Fast and easy to access HSIA is a crucial part of the hospitality guest journey.

With Hospitality Network, you can leverage our vast capabilities:

  • Pervasive and Full Property Wide WiFi Coverage
  • WiFi and Network Monetization Options
  • Social Media Integration
  • Custom Splash Pages
  • 24-Hour Tech Support and Help Desk Services
Hospitality WiFi Providers | Guest WiFi Networks for Hotels

Deliver Wireless Guest Connectivity, Seamlessly

Guest WiFi Solution Providers for Hospitality Industry

WiFi Solutions for Stadiums, Arenas, Convention Centers & Event Spaces

Hotel WiFi is just the tip of the iceberg for our Hospitality WiFi solutions. We also offer managed Internet solutions for stadiums and arenas, convention centers, and event venues.

Delivering high-speed, easy-to-access WiFi connectivity is the foundation to an interactive and engaging fan or trade show experience. Not only is offering free WiFi services a competitive advantage, but it’s becoming a benchmark expectation for many hospitality applications, including:

  • Convention Centers, Conference Halls, & Meeting Rooms
  • Concert Arenas, Amphitheaters, & Large Entertainment Venues
  • Sports Stadiums, Coliseums, & Gymnasiums
  • Hotels, Lodges, & Hospitality Businesses
  • Temporary WiFi Services for Special Events

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