8 Ways WiFi can Help Improve the Trade Show Experience for Exhibitors and Attendees

8 Ways WiFi can Help Improve the Trade Show Experience for Exhibitors and Attendees

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Fast, reliable WiFi at trade shows and conventions isn’t a nice-to-have feature; it’s a must-have. Any disconnection or congestion affects event coordinators, exhibitors, and attendees. Devices won’t connect to the internet, and innovative conference technologies are rendered useless when the connection falters.

Expansive wireless coverage and managed services help you increase bandwidth to zones that need it and dial it back in others, ensuring that every conference participant has an enjoyable time. They can browse booths, communicate with colleagues, and generate leads using the latest technology. An investment into trade show WiFi pays off. Consider these eight ways WiFi can help improve the trade show experience.

1. Enable a Seamless Hybrid Event

As people head back to in-person events, leaders are looking for ways to expand their audience. Hybrid events, a combination of in-person and virtual activities, deliver the perfect combination. Consequently, 68% of respondents to an etc.venues survey believed mixed events will become more common before the pandemic.

However, hybrid conferences can tax your current WiFi system and aren’t a good fit for convention centers without a high-speed internet connection. With updated services, facilities can attract corporate sponsors and vendors looking to create unique experiences for people at your venue and those joining by desktops and smartphones.

Enhance Communication and Messaging

WiFi supports various internet-connected tools used to improve communication and messaging during conventions and meetings. Exhibitors can get real-time notifications when an attendee interacts with a display or wants more information. Event-goers can capture essential details of exhibits, request more information, and set up a one-to-one meeting.

Your venue’s WiFi splash page can capture visitor data, allowing you to offer event or industry-related marketing communications. In addition, event organizers may request custom log-in pages to deliver personalized messages to different groups.

3. Increase Virtual Engagement

According to EventMB Studio, engagement was the number one challenge with virtual conferences. In contrast, in-person events naturally include networking opportunities, and most exhibitors use techniques to increase interactions at booths. That said, corporate sponsors and event organizers recognize the advantages of virtual trade shows, like low barriers to attendance.

As such, they’re looking for venues that support the latest engagement tools for virtual attendees. Exhibitors and sponsors may rely on reliable WiFi with high connection speeds to share live video feeds and respond instantly to comments. And wireless service can even encourage in-person attendees to share their experiences virtually on social media.

4. Create an Incredible First and Last Impression

WiFi paired with the latest contactless technologies helps streamline the check-in process for attendees and exhibitors. From the second their cell phone connects to your WiFi log-in page to the moment they pick up their badge, you can delight visitors with convenient services.

Event coordinators will appreciate your easy device onboarding system, allowing exhibitors to connect technologies and begin streaming almost instantly. Consistent wireless coverage means presentations and group meetings can move to smaller breakout rooms without losing connection to the trade show internet network.

Facilities with wireless internet can impress everyone with technologies, such as:

  • Geofencing
  • Mobile apps
  • Radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags
  • Voice recognition services
  • Navigation and wayfinding applications
  • No-touch payment methods

5. Gamify Attendee Experiences

Exhibitors and event organizers use gamification to help increase engagement and deliver fun, interactive experiences. But, gamification generally requires an internet connection with high download speeds for exhibitors and attendees, all of whom may also be live streaming the event and communicating with co-workers simultaneously.

A stable WiFi connection helps eliminate concerns over personal data usage or fears of a dropped call while participating in an event experience. It also supports wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), so exhibitors and attendees can engage with brands using the device of their choice, not just the one with cellular data.

6. Boost Accessibility for Exhibitors and Attendees

Exhibitors and attendees are a diverse group. They may have safety concerns, dietary restrictions, or need to use adaptive technologies on their smartphones to participate in experiences. A reliable wireless connection lets them use personal devices when finding their way to different event spaces, translate audio into text, and save recordings for later use.

When combined with technologies like wayfinding and mobile apps, you can rest assured that everyone can access convention features and connect to your team if they need accommodations.

7. Help Attendees Connect via Video

While plenty of exhibitors and attendees would like nothing more than to get away from the office for a conference, many are expected to perform job duties on the road, including impromptu video meetings. It’s bothersome to escape a packed conference hall to find a quiet space only to realize you can’t connect to the internet.

Instead, provide guests with business-grade internet services across your property. The strong connection will keep them in touch with leaders back at the office, which can help leave a favorable impression on top decision-makers.

8. Deliver Event Insights in Real-Time

Forget the long lines for event entry and overcrowded hospitality suites. You can reassure guests by using tech tools to assess capacity in critical areas, such as high-traffic check-in points and happy hour suites. Managed WiFi services also help prevent congestion on your trade show networks. You can customize venue WiFi zones and ensure even network distribution all while using your mobile phone.

Any issues can be caught, diagnosed, and fixed before attendees or exhibitors notice. The real-time capability extends to the usage of your facility’s equipment and hardware. You can learn about the frequency and duration of use while uncovering underutilized tools. These details help you identify which technologies to invest in and promote.

On the other hand, event coordinators use real-time data to create unique experiences for every attendee. They can personalize roundtables, content recommendations, notifications, and gamification. Go ahead and tout your ability to capture real-time data throughout your property as a key selling point.

Reliable, Fast WiFi: The Key to Outstanding Trade Shows

Internet-connected spaces support the technologies exhibitors and attendees depend on. With excellent WiFi coverage, event producers can help ensure connectivity on and off-stage, in breakout rooms, and exterior spaces. In return, satisfied exhibitors and attendees may offer word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews helping to increase interest in your venue.