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Our Story

HOSPITALITY NETWORK (HN) was born on the Las Vegas strip and for over 30 years we have been leaders in providing hospitality venues with the latest in technology solutions. Our team of engineers, former hotel executives and technologists take pride in integrating different technologies in complex hospitality environments. The result is a collaborative technology vision that is brought to life by ingenuity and innovation.
Built to Serve

Built to Serve

We win when our customers do. We take pride in serving them and humbly share in their successes.
Purposely Collaborative


We build lasting relationships by listening to the needs of our customers and working hand in hand with them to achieve their vision.
Engineered with Ingenuity

Engineered with

We see solutions that others can’t. Our resourcefulness and can-do attitude enables us to integrate the latest technology in new ways and create customized solutions that address our customers’ unique challenges.
Excellent in Execution

in Execution

From superior servicing to exceptional delivery, we go above and beyond for our customers and are committed to exceeding their expectations every day.

Proud to partner with leading technology brands

About Us

An affiliate of Cox Business, HN provides technology and integration services to hotels, convention centers, stadiums, arenas, airports and special events all across the United States. We help our clients achieve their technology vision by leveraging our deep understanding of the hospitality industry.

Backed by Cox Communications, one of the nation’s leading telecommunications companies, HN has a staff of experienced engineers, project managers, designers and technicians that world class hospitality brands depend on daily to enhance the experience of their guests and visitors.

At the heart of what HN does is technology integration. Travelers today are looking for hotels and venues that match the technology experience they’ve grown accustomed to at home. New innovations have brought on the advent of Smart hotels and smart rooms. HN can deliver and integrate the latest hotel technologies to your property. HN is focused on delivering and integrating the latest hotel technologies such as; connectivity, mobility and managed WiFi, Digital Signage, In-Room Entertainment and Way finding.

In a world where every customer experience is either phenomenal or forgotten, Hospitality Network (HN) creates engaging and delightful moments for customers, turning the routine into the remarkable.

For over 30 years we have worked with leading brands leveraging technology, our experience and ingenuity to elevate hospitality and event experiences.