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Convention Center WiFi & Smart Technology

Supporting The Next Wave of smart convention centers

Today’s modern convention centers are interactive, high-traffic hubs that require flawless wireless connectivity, cutting-edge digital displays, and seamless navigation and wayfinding. These features work together to
enhance the guest experience and position convention centers as high-tech destinations for large events, expos, tradeshows, and conferences.

  • Increased Bandwidth & High-Speed Convention Center WiFi
  • Advanced Convention Services & Property-Specific Guest Services
  • WiFi network design, installation and management
  • Professional sales staffing
  • On-site tech support
  • Marketing enablement and support


Convention Center Technology Solutions Provider

Fully-Integrated Venue Technology Solutions

Hospitality Internet Connectivity


Internet bandwidth via a national network for hotels, convention centers, stadiums, and other large venues.

Managed WiFi Solutions for Hospitality Industry


Custom WiFi networks, including management, monetization tools, help desk support and NOC services.

Hospitality Digital Signage & Wayfinding Solutions


Digital Signage services provide hotels and large venues with new revenue streams and keep guests informed.

High-Capacity Convention Center WiFi Solutions

Managed WiFi Solutions for Conferences & Convention Centers

Support Video Streaming, Remote Presentations, Conferencing Apps, & Social Webcasting

With expansive floor plans providing attendance capacities in the tens of thousands, convention centers have unique WiFi challenges that demand pervasive and complete Internet coverage.

Convention center WiFi is particularly vulnerable to interference from a plethora of devices, including smartphones, personal hotspots, wireless routers, and cameras. These issues are intensified with high bandwidth requirements like live streams and remote presentations.

At Hospitality Network, we specialize in professional WiFi services and smart technology integration for convention centers and large venues. By delivering the best in managed WiFi and wireless network design, we keep everyone connected and maximize their experience.


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Optimized Connectivity for convention centers, conference centers and Hotel meeting spaces

Surpass exhibitors and show producer expectations with enhanced connectivity solutions for convention centers

In today’s digital era, few things are more important than wireless
connectivity. This is especially true in socially dynamic environments like convention centers and large-scale venues.

WiFi has evolved from being an added perk to a fundamental
requirement. Not only are today’s convention centers expected to be tech-driven venues for industry events and meetings, but they’re also expected to deliver seamless wireless connectivity at the fastest speeds.

At Hospitality Network, we work with convention centers to create high-performing wireless environments through well-designed network coordination and sound wireless practices.

Smart Convention Center WiFi Solutions

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