Hotel Trends: What is IoT and Why is it Important?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology in hospitality that can truly revolutionize the customer experience in every way. From maintenance and scheduling to personalized experiences for hotel guests, IoT brings hospitality service to the next level. Read on to learn more about what IoT technology includes, how it can simplify guest life and experiences, and how it can change how the hospitality world functions.

What is IoT in Hospitality?

The Internet of Things in hospitality is essentially a collection of intelligent devices connected through the Internet that work together to enhance and improve the guest experience. It is the latest technology that can allow guests to check in on their mobile devices, use those devices to unlock hotel room doors, create and track service requests, and complete their checkout — and all of these functionalities are powered by a strong WiFi network.

Hotel IoT can help improve the workflow for hospitality staff and enhance a guest’s entire experience. Providing a seamless, convenient guest experience is one of the most powerful ways to help turn one-time guests into repeat visitors.

Delight Guests With Internet of Things Hotel Experience

Using IoT allows hoteliers to obtain important data in real-time. Access to real-time data can significantly improve the customer experience by enabling hoteliers to provide the most personalized stay, from check-in to check-out.

Here is a closer look at some of the technical benefits of implementing IoT in hospitality:

Customer Profiles

IoT allows hotels to create customer profiles. The profiles include guest data, as well as more specific, real-time data including the guest routines, preferences, food choices, daily schedule, and any other patterns of movement throughout their stay. With this specific data, hotel owners can create the most personalized experience for guests. With clear customer profiles, hoteliers can know exactly what certain guests want during their stay, helping to minimize complaints and increase guest satisfaction.

Location-Based Analytics

By tracking when guests enter their rooms or common areas with IoT devices like key cards, hotel management can anticipate what guests want, and when they want it. This can help the customer service team properly manage resources so the guest will be happier and better served at all times.

Personalized User Experience

Smartphones are just the beginning. Today, almost everyone has become accustomed to smart home devices that control everything from door locks and lights to window treatments. IoT can help further bolster the functionality of smart rooms, giving guests the autonomy to control the temperature of the room, lighting, and television from their very own device. The main goal is to facilitate the user experience and personalize it whenever possible.

Smart Hotel Maintenance

IoT can also help hoteliers track the functionality of their building. For example, leaky faucets can be detected immediately. Broken lights and other minor repairs can be recognized by IoT services and allow for faster and easier repair. This can allow for quicker reaction times, improved building maintenance, and, of course, a more positive customer experience.

Why is IoT Important for Hotels?

New technology can be tricky in the early stages of development. Figuring out how exactly IoT devices work and how to implement IoT solutions correctly can take time. But the long-term impacts of IoT can revolutionize hotels, helping to increase guest satisfaction and promote return bookings.

As technology continues to advance, customers begin to expect the same conveniences and luxuries of home when they travel. Being able to offer such technological conveniences can enhance the entire experience and help minimize customer complaints.

In addition, IoT in hospitality may also represent savings. By better-utilizing resources where they are needed most, hoteliers no longer have to guess how many staff members they need. This can allow for an easier time creating work schedules and more efficient use of every staff member’s time. The end result is a smoother workflow for the team, as well as happier clients.

Powering the Internet of Things in the Hospitality Industry

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The IoT hospitality industry is growing and evolving every day. Keeping up with the latest technological solutions to create a seamless customer experience can help save both time and money.

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