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Hospitality WiFi: How Keeping Guests Connected Can Grow Your Hospitality Business

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Over the last decade, access to the Internet has defined how we live our lives. From business to pleasure, almost every experience now connects to the Internet. With such an intrinsic hold on modern life, having a powerful hospitality WiFi network is essential for hotels and resorts.

To take advantage of Internet connectivity, however, hotels need to offer far more than the bare minimum. By providing a truly connected Internet experience to guests, hoteliers can grow their hospitality business to new levels.

Read on to discover why hospitality WiFi is essential for hotels and resorts. Then, discover specific network amenities hotel owners can install to expand their hospitality business.

The Importance of WiFi in the Hospitality Industry

the importance of wifi in the hospitality industry

As with nearly any modern industry, Internet connectivity powers the field of hospitality. In turn, capable network solutions are essential for hotel workers and guests alike.

The online hospitality business has become paramount to a property’s success, making it essential for hoteliers. From bookings via websites to virtual chat rooms, the Internet offers sizable utility to hospitality professionals.

Guests, meanwhile, expect hotels to match, if not exceed, the Internet connection they have in their homes. By offering targeted network amenities, hotels can further incentivize guests to visit their properties.

Network Amenities Provided By Hospitality WiFi Providers

hospitality wifi providers offer internet network amenities

These represent just a few of the network amenities hotels can install to expand their business. All of these amenities both foster a better visitor experience for current guests and encourage other travelers to visit your property.

Tiered WiFi Speed and Billing Options

Many hotels struggle to offer high-speed Internet access due to budgetary constraints. Although convenient for guests, providing free Internet capable of heavy-duty streaming and video calls can get expensive. Charging a flat rate for Internet access can be just as alienating to guests, forcing travelers without the need for HSIA (high-speed internet access) to pay for an unwanted product.

Rather than provide the highest tier of WiFi in a base package, many hotels opt to offer multiple tiers of WiFi speed to guests. While these hotels have a free, less expensive option for guests on a budget, they also sell higher-speed connections at a premium. These plans allow visitors to access WiFi on their terms, meeting varied guest needs.

Hotels don’t necessarily need to sell higher tiers of WiFi per diem or visit. Smart hoteliers can leverage access to higher-speed WiFi as a perk for repeat visitors.

Enhanced Connectivity Experiences for Loyal Customers

Rewards programs provide valuable benefits to a hotel’s best customers. Whether available through a points system or a higher membership tier, hoteliers can include access to high-speed Internet as a perk for rewards members.

Offering better connectivity as a loyalty perk encourages repeat visits from diverse demographics. Providing free HSIA allows frequent business travelers to save money on reliable Internet, which can build increased trust every visit. Alternatively, families can connect with each other across devices, streaming, working, and even gaming while using an upgraded network.

Combined with other rewards, Internet perks within a hotel’s loyalty program can entice varied visitors. As members leverage better Internet access, guests will recommend your hotel and its rewards program to other potential visitors.

High-Speed Access to Social Media Apps

While taking advantage of your hotel’s full suite of amenities, savvier travelers will want to show off their experiences on social media. High-speed Internet access allows them to do that, sharing content fast.

Social media posts will often get delayed if a device struggles to connect to the Internet. For influencers and other social media users, a delayed post can break an account’s algorithm and costs dozens, if not hundreds of interactions. As such, eliminating Internet dead zones on your property is essential for social media use.

Once guests gain access to social media, your hotel will gain valuable online publicity. When users post about your hotel’s excellent service, gorgeous locales, and luxury amenities, potential visitors get to see and hear about your property. Influencers may even recommend your hotel to other online personalities for its ease of posting.

Harness Hospitality Network WiFi Solutions For Your Hotel

Hoteliers can leverage several options to use guest Internet access as a means to grow their hospitality business. Whether using one of the suggestions above or a different option entirely, properties have much to gain from their network capabilities. With the help of a reliable hospitality WiFi provider, properties can access near limitless possibilities.

Looking to implement these amenities at your property? Hospitality Network provides Internet technology and integration services to hotels and resorts across the United States. From In-Room Entertainment to High Speed Internet Access, our diverse capabilities connect guests and encourage repeat business. Contact us today to get started on a personalized plan for your business.