ways technology can drive guest retention and promote future bookings

Ways Technology Can Drive Guest Retention and Promote Future Bookings

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Understanding the latest technology trends and advancements is a vital tool for creating the best hospitality experience. From convention centers to smart stadiums, new technology is pushing hospitality providers to meet growing guest expectations.

For hotels in particular, improving technology can provide massive utility to guest retention and future bookings. Strengthening hotel WiFi alone can greatly enhance the guest experience — and building upon that network with innovative new experiences only further encourages guests to book again.

What technology, then should hotel staff focus on implementing? Let’s dive into how WiFi can help specifically boost guest retention and future bookings, followed by a few specific technologically innovative experiences WiFi can help facilitate to encourage guest retention.

How Powerful WiFi Improves Hotel Technology to Increase Hotel Customer Loyalty

how powerful wifi improves hotel technology to increase hotel customer loyalty

A strong WiFi system serves as the foundation for all other hotel systems — allowing all parts of a hotel network to work seamlessly with each other. Robust WiFi fuels internet connectivity — making each of the following experiences seamless and hassle-free for guests.

Ensure the Best In-Room Entertainment Possible

Cutting-edge In-Room Entertainment can strongly encourage guests to come back to your hotel. Whether through access to video games or offering consumer-favorite streaming services, hotel providers can increase retention by giving guests In-Room Entertainment options they won’t find everywhere else.

Without the foundation of a powerful WiFi network, access to In-Room Entertainment becomes a chore rather than an amenity. As a weaker network struggles, content streaming lags, streaming websites become inaccessible, and online video gaming slows to an unplayable pace. Strong WiFi will steadily power these solutions — encouraging guests to return again and experience robust In-Room Entertainment.

Push Alerts to Phones or Devices

Modern hotels have unprecedented access to guest communications. Via intuitive apps, websites, and email lists, hoteliers can interact with their hotel guests before, during, and after their stay — providing them with hotel directories, room keys, point balances, and more.

Through push notifications, hotels can send even more specific updates to guests across every phase of their hotel experience. Hotels can connect with guests about the quality of their stays, offer booking reminders, check-in options, special offers, room service information, and more. Push notifications make hotel guests feel noticed by hoteliers, providing them with deals and reminders that encourage them to book again.

A strong WiFi system provides the infrastructure to ensure this information moves smoothly from staff to guests. By providing direct, clear information, guests are more likely to seamlessly enjoy their experience — something they’ll remember the next time they book a trip.

Using Guest Profiles to Identify Likes and Dislikes

By understanding hotel clientele on a deeper level, hoteliers can personalize the experiences they provide to visitors. Hospitality professionals must appeal to several different demographics, from business travelers and event attendees to families and young couples. Guest profiles allow hoteliers to segment this information and use it effectively.

By sorting guest information through profiles, hotels can more appropriately cater to the needs of specific groups. A family of tourists from Minnesota will have different likes and dislikes than a solo business traveler from Toronto — yet the two parties might be staying right next door. Keeping track of guests using profiles ensures these two groups each receive unique, individually-curated, ideal experiences.

When guests feel understood, they’re much more likely to have an enjoyable stay — and come back to the hotel in the future. Of course, in order to accurately record, access, and leverage information from guest profiles, hotels need reliable, accessible WiFi.

Send Promotions During Peak Travel Times

Nobody understands the ebbs and flows of the travel industry better than hotel staff. Leveraging this information, hospitality professionals can better align guest stays — connecting with guests during ideal seasons of travel and offering promotions catered to their habits.

Giving a customer the right tip or promotion at the perfect time can lead to an otherwise inaccessible booking — increasing both hotel business and guest trust. Using an automated system — powered by a strong WiFi network — guests can receive the promotions best suited for them.

Customer Retention in Hotels Can Be Effectively Improved by Technology

In the travel industry, staying ahead of technology trends is vital for success. Hospitality is extremely competitive — correctly harnessing technology offers a way to separate from the competition and effectively drive guest retention.

All of that technology fails without the proper infrastructure. Hospitality Network provides individually-tailored managed WiFi – built from the ground up for your hotel. Upgrade your WiFi systems with Hospitality Network today and help to ensure your property is prepared for the future.