5G Technology for Hotels to Transform the Industry

5G Technology for Hotels: How it Will Transform the Industry

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The hotel industry is on the brink of a technological revolution with the arrival of 5G technology. This new cellular network promises lightning-fast downloads and uploads, opening up a world of hotel possibilities. From interactive guest service experiences to smart home automation to fast customer service responses, 5G will enable hotels to provide guests with unprecedented service and convenience.

So, what does that mean for your hotel? In this article, we’ll explore the 5G impact on the industry and how this future technology in the hospitality industry can improve the whole operating system.

What Is 5G Technology?

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology. With speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work. This technology enables new forms of communication and allows for unprecedented levels of connectivity. As we become increasingly reliant on technology, 5G will play an essential role in meeting our ever-growing demand for data.

Two of the main benefits of 5G technology over older forms of internet connectivity are improved network speeds and higher bandwidth.

Improved Network Speeds and Latency

One key benefit of 5G is its improved network speeds. With the promise of data rates ranging from 10 Gbps to 50 Gbps, this new technology has the power to greatly minimize the time in which users need to wait to use the internet. 5G also has significantly lower latency than 4G, which can help reduce communication delays.

Higher Bandwidth for Data-Intensive Applications

5G also offers higher bandwidth than 4G, making it ideal for data-intensive applications — including streaming HD video, downloading large files, and using cloud-based services. With 5G, a higher volume of users can enjoy a far more seamless and enjoyable online experience while sharing the same network.

How Will 5G Technology Improve the Customer Experience in Hotels?

It’s no secret that technology has a huge impact on the hospitality industry. With faster internet connectivity and more widespread use of mobile devices, hotels are under pressure to provide guests with the best possible experience. 5G technology offers hotels the ability to revolutionize the hotel customer experience by providing faster, more reliable internet access, and improving overall responsiveness.

Increased Download and Upload Speeds

When on vacation or traveling for work, many travelers take time to update social media posts spotlighting their current location. With 5G technology, users will be able to upload photos and videos at lightning-fast speeds without worrying about buffering or a slow internet connection. Even while uploading high quality videos to YouTube or other video sharing platforms, a 5G network will help ensure no lag or delay in the upload process. While at your property, this superior connectivity ensures excited guests can connect with their peers virtually without interruption.

Seamless Multimedia Content Streaming

As mentioned earlier, 5G also enables hotel guests to leverage higher bandwidth for data-intensive applications — including streaming multimedia content without technical issues. Beyond streaming consistency, 5G technology will be able to support UHD for both live and on demand streaming. This accessibility and quality is perfect for travelers who want to catch up on their favorite TV shows or movies while on vacation. With 5G, they can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted experience — especially in tandem with expansive in-room entertainment options.

Effortless Setup for Conventions and Meetings

The hotel business is all about hosting events — whether that be large-scale conventions, conferences, or meetings. With 5G technology, setting up for these events could be a breeze. 5G networks provide the necessary bandwidth and connectivity to accommodate large groups of people. Even with the heaviest internet usage, a 5G network can handle traffic without any issues.

Improved Smart Home Features

5G technology can also improve smart home features in hotels. Guests can control the temperature, lighting, and other aspects of their room using a mobile app. In certain rooms, they can even use voice commands to activate these features. Using these features, guests can enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable stay.

Benefits of Using 5G technology for Hotel Customer Services

The effects of technology in the hospitality industry can also directly impact how hospitality professionals serve their guests. In the past, when staff communication was based on telephone and walkie-talkies, there was a higher chance of human error within hospitality communication — leading to unhappy guests and stressed-out employees. With 5G technology, the hotel industry can experience a much-needed upgrade in customer service.

Faster Check-In and Check-Out

Gone are the days when all reservations were made over the phone with receptionists entering information into a hotel computer system. Recent years have seen a shift towards online reservations — yet the check-in and check-out process is still mostly done manually.

With 5G technology, this outdated system can be improved. Hotels can offer mobile check-in and check-out experiences for their guests — saving time and reducing chances of human error.

Improved Room Service

In older hotels, room service is often delayed due to a lack of communication between the kitchen and guest rooms. By utilizing the superior connectivity of 5G technology, this delay is longer an issue. Guests can order room service through a mobile app and staff can share real-time updates on the status of their orders — allowing guests to enjoy their meal without a long wait time.

Better Customer Engagement

5G technology will also allow hoteliers to engage with their guests better. With the help of sensors and analytics, hotels can collect data about their guests’ preferences and needs. This information can provide personalized experiences, which can lead to increases in customer engagement.

In addition, compiled data can help hotels better use their marketing strategies. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all or trial-and-error approach, they can target their promotions to a specific group of guests.

Increase Management with Cloud Systems

The hotel industry is rapidly moving towards the use of smart cloud systems. 5G networks provide the necessary bandwidth and connectivity to support these systems and enable hotels to manage multiple properties from a single platform.

Data from different properties can be accessed in real-time, making it easier for hotel managers to detect and resolve issues quickly instead of waiting for reports from each individual location. In turn, overall hotel efficiency can increase.

Improve Staff Efficiency

In older hotels, staff have to manually reset all aspects of a room before turning them over to new guests. With the introduction of 5G technology in the hospitality industry, management teams can easily use smart home functions for tasks such as turning off lights and lowering room temperature in empty rooms. These technology-based solutions will help increase hotel staff efficiency and lower energy costs.

How Can Hotels Prepare for 5G technology?

Although 5G technology is the future of the hotel industry, businesses still have to balance technological benefits with setup costs. 5G technology is about more than the cost of new infrastructures —  it’s an opportunity for hotels to future-proof their business and create a competitive advantage. Here are some ways that hotels can prepare for the arrival of 5G technology:

  1. Ensure that the properties have the necessary infrastructure for 5G connectivity. This includes installing 5G-compatible antennas and routers and upgrading the WiFi network to support the higher speeds and bandwidth requirements of 5G.
  2. Prepare marketing plans and strategies for 5G, including creating landing pages on their website that highlight the benefits of 5G and how it can improve the guest experience. These campaigns should be targeted ads that promote 5G-enabled rooms and services to create guest interest before 5G is available on the property.
  3. Work with technology partners to ensure that the property’s systems are ready for 5G so that the front desk terminals, in-room IPTV entertainment systems, hotel phone systems, departmental applications, security systems, and any other system that will be using the network are able to connect seamlessly.
  4. Educate and train the staff about 5G technology and how it can be used to improve the guest experience. With proper training, staff will be prepared to answer any questions that guests may have and understand how to best leverage a stronger connectivity to increase productivity across the property.
  5. Plan ahead for initial glitches. As with any new technology, there will be some teething problems. Hotels should have a contingency plan for when things go wrong to help with any issues and have a dedicated team to manage and monitor the 5G network.

Let Hospitality Network Be Your Technology Partner

5G technology is the future of network connectivity in hotels. Outclassing other networks in nearly every facet, 5G technology can improve the hospitality experience for guests and hospital staff alike. As 5G becomes the norm, hotels need to prepare to support this technology to stay relevant.

As a hotelier, integrating new technology into your existing infrastructure can be overwhelming. As a leading provider of hotel technology solutions, Hospitality Network can help you future-proof your property and give you a competitive edge. For over forty years, Hospitality Network has refined the art of providing innovative technology solutions to numerous iconic convention venues and brands in the hospitality industry.

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