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Providing Access to Hotel Room Video Games With Responsive WiFi

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Video games are a modern tentpole of culture; what was once a niche hobby has become a staple of daily life for millions of Americans. Insider Intelligence estimates more than half of the US population plays video games — whether via mobile apps, gaming consoles, or the metaverse.

With the growth of gaming as a pastime, hotels should look to adapt to support the emerging gamer demographic. How, then, can hotels provide access to video games in hotel rooms? Through responsive WiFi network solutions, such as those from Hospitality Network, providing guests with the ability to seamlessly game during their stay has never been easier. Let’s dive into the history of hotel video games, take a look at the future of gaming in hotels, & dive into the WiFi capabilities your hotel needs to support gamers:

Do Hotels Have Video Games?

Most hotels do not directly offer video games to guests. Instead, modern hotels offer amenities that make it easier for guests to access video games, such as network access and high-definition televisions.

That’s not to say all hotels lack video games within their IRE packages. Direct access to video games in hotel rooms used to be far more common, while specialty hotels continue to offer all-encompassing video game packages for travelers within the hardcore gamer niche.

Pre-Installed Hotel Video Game Systems

In the late ‘90s & early ‘00s, integrating video game systems within hotel rooms was seen as an exciting advancement for In-Room Entertainment technology. Video game console developers such as Nintendo partnered with hotels to provide popular games to travelers in guest rooms.

While a novelty, temporary access to consoles has become dated due to advancements in modern gaming. Console video games have become longer & more complex — overarching plots and more-nuanced gameplay make short bursts of gameplay over the course of a vacation far less fulfilling than it was decades ago. Additionally, with a shift to online play, gamers prefer to use their own accounts to play, through personalized set-ups rather than standardized hotel layouts.

Modern Specialty Hotels with Video Games

Certain modern hotels still offer in-house consoles through all-encompassing gaming suites. Examples of amenities offered through gaming suites include high-definition monitors, access to modern gaming platforms including Xbox Series X and powerful gaming PCs, and luxury gaming chairs.

While these suites serve as a major selling point to hardcore gamers, they’re still a niche amenity — with a high cost of implementation spurring a high price for guests looking to use the room. While worthwhile for certain hotels, these rooms are too specialized for most hotels and too expensive for the typical gamer guest.

do hotels have video games?

The Future of Video Games in Hotel Rooms

While providing in-room video game consoles is no longer a practical option, travelers still crave access to their favorite video games within hotel rooms. Rather than use in-room options, however, most travelers opt to bring their gaming with them.

Whether using hybrid gaming systems such as the Nintendo Switch, more traditional consoles such as the Playstation 5, or gaming PCs, different demographics bring their gaming with them to hotels — from hardcore online gamers to families looking for fun nights in.

As such, the future of video games in hotel rooms isn’t providing consoles — it’s supporting gamers that bring their consoles with them. How, then, can hotels provide seamless gaming for travelers?

How to Provide Seamless Hotel Gaming to Modern Gamers

Hotels can provide uninterrupted gaming to modern gamers by making it as easy as possible for them to play their favorite games. These features not only support gaming, but promoting them in your hotel’s marketing can sway gamers to stay at your property. Here are just a few of the capabilities hotels can leverage to support gaming for their guests.

Secure WiFi Networks for Gaming Data Privacy

Hotel guests consider the security of your property’s WiFi network a chief concern before connecting to your internet, and gamer demographics are no exception. Gaming consoles and accounts contain information including home addresses, emails, and even credit card information. Ransomware, phishing scams, and encrypted malware all pose sizable threats to gamers on compromised networks.

Steps to ensure your network protects the privacy of gamers include leveraging reliable antivirus programs, installing strong firewall systems, creating regular system backups, & monitoring networks for suspicious activity. For a more extensive list of tips to improve hotel WiFi security for gamers and other guests, check out our full blog on the topic.

Supporting Multiple Gamers With High Bandwidth Networks

Online gaming can put a high strain on any WiFi network; if your hotel is supporting multiple gamers at once, it needs the infrastructure to handle such data output without slowing down for other guests.

The solution? Higher bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the capacity of data that can be transmitted over a wireless network over a period of time. Calculating the appropriate bandwidth for hotels requires accounting for the size of your property, the amount of devices you expect to be used, and guest demands within your hotel.

When marketing towards gamers, hotels should ensure they offer appropriate high-bandwidth solutions to support their needs. If cost is a concern, hotels can also offer tiered pricing — providing access to higher-bandwidth networks at a premium price and generating additional revenue.

Responsive Gameplay Through Low-Latency Connections

While bandwidth ensures that gamers don’t face slowdown within their sessions, higher bandwidth is useless without a strong connection to begin with. Some networks inherently take a longer time to communicate information to a server — wasting vital milliseconds of online gameplay that can determine life or death for a player.

The amount of time data takes to reach a remote server and return back to you is known as latency. The higher the latency, the longer it takes for information to reach a server — as such, it’s essential for networks to leverage low latency connections to support gamers.

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Support Modern Hotel Guest Amenities, Powered By Hospitality Network

As gaming in hotels continues to become an expected part of a guest’s stay, it is essential for hotels to adapt to evolving consumer expectations. Cutting-edge WiFi networks can keep your property ahead of the curve — satisfying gamers and evolving as technology shifts.

Hospitality Network is your trusted hospitality WiFi provider. Boasting decades of experience within the hospitality industry, we’ve helped pioneer internet connectivity in hotels — creating networks built for streaming, gaming, & other modern hotel guest amenities. Request a free consultation with our team today and prepare your hotel for the modern traveler.