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High Capacity WiFi 101: A Guide for the Hospitality Industry

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The hospitality industry is changing; in an increasingly connected world, the vast majority of hospitality guests expect reliable, efficient access to the Internet throughout your property. With sprawling venues jam packed with customers, networks that can handle such volume are essential. Enter high capacity WiFi; learn the ins and outs of this technology and how it can benefit your specific hospitality business.

High Capacity WiFi 101: What is High Capacity WiFi?

High capacity WiFi, also known as “high-density WiFi,” refers to a WiFi network built to supply accessible, reliable internet to a large number of devices in a given space. These networks can support anywhere from hundreds to thousands of wireless clients at once — all while maintaining a responsive, consistent network.

The installation of high capacity WiFi consists of careful planning, thoughtful placement of access points, and leveraging the appropriate hardware. This starts with determining how many users will be using your network, and what they will be using the network for.

For example, 600 users streaming live video will require a very different output compared to 300 users who are only browsing the Internet. WiFi throughput required is measured in bits per second, whether kilobits (kbps), megabits (mbps), or even gigabits (gbps). Additional considerations should be taken for what devices will be used; smartphones, tablets, and laptops all have different needs.

How are High Capacity WiFi Routers Different From Normal WiFi Routers?

Much like how high capacity WiFi networks are built to supply WiFi to a large number of devices, high capacity WiFi routers are routers specifically built to support higher capacity WiFi networks. Oftentimes, however, one router alone is not enough to carry an entire high capacity WiFi network.

Instead, high capacity WiFi networks leverage several routers and access points across a venue — carefully planning network access to sustain reliable internet. Different routers with alternate needs may be used for guests, employees, and potential exhibitors. Access points, meanwhile, are wireless network devices that extend coverage of existing networks‚ servicing as connected between and to routers. Both routers and access points require intentional placement to maximize efficiency, noting potential dead-spots in walls and higher volume areas of a venue.

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Why High Capacity WiFi Access Points are Essential for Hospitality Businesses

High capacity internet access is absolutely essential for hospitality businesses. From stadiums to hotels, nearly every business requires a high capacity network to satisfy guests and sustain internet access. Here are a few specific examples, plus the unique internet concerns of each.

High Capacity WiFi for Hotels

Depending on the size of your hotel, internet networks may be servicing anywhere from dozens to thousands of guests, and that’s before hosting potential events with guests that may or may not be staying on property. In turn, high capacity WiFi is an essential consideration for hotels.

Specific concerns hotels need to address when installing high capacity WiFi include property size, wall thickness & composition, higher-density areas (including lobbies and offices), and also seasonal concerns about higher volume months of the year. Whatever the size and needs of your venue, leveraging a trusted vendor of managed WiFi is essential to ensuring your network works.

High Capacity WiFi for Sports Stadiums

Amidst the sweeping highs and lows of a game, fans still want to stay connected during a game. During time-outs and game breaks, hundreds to thousands of fans often check their devices at the same time; in a study from 2022, researchers found the majority of stadium visitors stay connected during their experience. In these moments, high capacity WiFi is key to supporting internet access for all fans.

For sports stadiums, high capacity WiFi installation has to consider stadium size & security needs, alongside what other stadium features leverage internet access (including POS systems and interactive stadium jumbotrons).

High Capacity WiFi for Convention Centers

Convention centers host professionals conducting important business and industry-leading speakers. With high-stakes conversations, thousands of devices, and a bevy of presentations, convention centers need to leverage powerful, consistently reliable high capacity networks.

For installation within convention centers, high capacity networks must consider typical amounts of attendees, typical numbers of vendors, and capabilities featured within the convention center (including potential for conference webcasting and other convention center industry trends).

High Capacity WiFi for Event Venues

From rocking live concerts to raucous stand-up performance, special event venues cater towards diverse event needs. In turn, these venues need a powerful network capable of withstanding high capacity crowds with differing demographics, wants, and needs.

Hospitality Network installs capable high capacity networks for special event venues, capable of providing internet to all events without re-installation. For network installation, special events venues generally need to consider overall venue size and technological needs of typical events hosted there (including projection needs, alongside potential interactive events).

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Leverage High Capacity Hospitality WiFi Solutions With Hospitality Network

Whatever the hospitality business, high capacity WiFi installation is essential to internet access for venue guests. With the need to balance access point installation with network power, high capacity WiFi installation should be trusted to the experts.

Hospitality Network has diverse network installation experience from across the hospitality industry, including stadiums, hotels, convention centers, and events venues. Request a consultation today and discover how we can support high capacity WiFI custom-tailored to your venue.