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Improving Online Stadium Food Delivery Service Using Concession Stand Apps

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Through both the rise of technology and the necessity of the pandemic, online food delivery has become an incredibly potent industry. Statista reports the revenue of the online food delivery market is 218 billion USD in the United States alone — and that’s while only making up 31% of global online food delivery funding deals.

In turn, online food delivery is increasingly becoming the norm across hospitality industries, including in stadiums. According to Oracle, 85% of US stadium attendees would be willing to try new technology if it meant food delivery to their seat. What, then, can stadiums do with online food delivery options? What specific benefits does this technology offer to fans and staff alike?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down how modern applications optimize food delivery in stadiums, alongside specific benefits for both attendees and employees, as follows:

How Modern Applications Streamline Stadium Food Delivery

Traditional stadium concessions have somewhat of a bad reputation; long lines leading to mediocre food and high prices. Combined with an increase in food quality, modern stadium food delivery applications circumvent these stereotypes. In turn, streamlined stadium food delivery offers substantial benefits to both fans and staff.

benefits of stadium food delivery for fans

Benefits of Concession Stand Apps for Fans

Stadium food delivery holistically changes how fans access concessions in stadiums. While traditional concessions may detract from stadium experiences, online food orders only serve to improve events for attendees — serving as a massive boon to the stadium fan experience.

Faster Food Delivery in Stadium Seats

Arguably the technology’s most obvious benefit, stadium delivery applications expedite the process of getting food to fans in their seats, without forcing them to miss any of the action during their event. Using apps, fans can purchase any number of concessions directly from their seats — from bottles of water to full meals.

Essentially, fans can access whatever concessions they want while avoiding long-lines and interruptions to their stadium experience. In turn, fans may feel more comfortable ordering large meals and continued concessions, knowing that doing so won’t interrupt the stadium experience they came for.

Easier Access to Menus, Orders, & More

Beyond faster delivery, online concession apps give fans greater connectivity across the concessions experience, from ordering through delivery.

Many modern stadiums have diverse food selections, encompassing different cultural perspectives and accommodating wide dietary needs. While having more options is better for guests, it can make it harder for fans to find exactly what they’re looking for within a stadium. Concession apps consolidate menus into one platform — giving fans the full scope of food selections, all deliverable right to their seat.

Apps can also give fans a more accurate description of when their food will arrive. Dynamic ETAs ensure attendees always know that their food is on the way, minimizing frustration and uncertainty with the efficiency of concession services.

benefits of stadium food delivery for stadium employees

Benefits of Concession Stand Apps for Employees

Alongside immense benefits for fans, stadium food delivery apps also make life easier for stadium employees — alleviating several pitfalls of traditional concession workers.

Improve Vendor-Fan Communication

Long lines at stadium concessions doesn’t just cause tribulation for fans; unhappy and impatient customers put undue pressure on stadium employees, increasing stress and lowering the quality of stadium service. A variety of factors can cause long lines, including fans unsure about orders, failed payment methods, and miscommunication due to loud stadium environments.

Stadium food delivery apps mitigate all of these issues, minimizing the risk of long lines. Online orders ensure fans get ample time to look at menus, verify payment methods before orders get to staff, and ensure seamless communication of orders without opportunity for human error. Plus, more fans ordering online greatly reduces stadium lines for guests that choose to still use in-person concessions.

Streamline Stocking With Concession Stand Inventory Apps

By integrating within inventory systems, concession stand apps can also streamline stocking processes. Online orders can connect directly to inventory systems, keeping a real-time record of how much of each item is ordered.

Combined with connected concession stand cash register apps, stadium delivery apps can support online inventory tracking using one holistic concession stand inventory app. In turn, systems can send automated alerts for when items need to be restocked — maintaining inventory levels before they reach low volume.

Support Stadium Food Delivery Apps With Powerful Stadium Internet

Stadium food delivery apps offer immense value to all sides of the stadium experience. Whether letting fans stay engaged with the game or providing an easier time for stadium staff, concession stand apps can majorly improve operations in your venue.

Just as important as finding the best app for concession stands, however, is selecting a reliable stadium WiFi provider to keep apps operating at full connectivity. Without a powerful internet connection, all of the benefits of online stadium food delivery can rapidly turn into negatives.

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